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The overall health of your company can be improved with our strategies for managing risk and controlling utilization. We are committed to discovering risk factors in your business using a four step process*:

1. Discovery

2. Strategy

3. Implement

4. Monitor


If you have employees, they just may be your greatest asset. Keeping them injury-free and healthy will improve your business operations and increase productivity. We can help you alleviate headaches and frustrations stemming from employee-related injuries and compliance.

*In partnership with Keystone Insurers Group and East Coast Risk Managers


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I needed help with insurance certificates for local townships and FIFS employees helped me with this promptly and courteously. Previously, FIFS employees came to us with an opportunity for reduced premiums for our property and liability insurance. This resulted in nice savings for us. We are very appreciative when a company is proactive in saving us money.

Bradley A.

Salford Mennonite Church

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