This year is a milestone for FIFS, celebrating 25 years as an independent insurance and financial services organization. Since 1994 FIFS has provided services to individuals, families, and businesses.

The organization’s history is much broader than just the past 25 years, with client and company relationships stemming from our roots in Bucks & Montgomery counties and former faith-based organizations formed over 80 years ago.

Here is a brief history of FIFS from its incorporation in 1994 to today:

  • 1994 – FIFS (Franconia Insurance & Financial Services), an independent insurance agencyis born. Relationships built over the prior 60 years serve as the foundation making the creation of this new entity seamless
  • 1995 – D. Stanley Jones Agency is purchased by FIFS.  Stan Jones is an agent for Goodville Mutual and the purchase broadly expands the community of clients
  • 1995 – FIFS begins brokering life and health insurance
  • 1996 – Franconia Mennonite Aid Plan (FMAP), a faith-based organization that shared office space with FIFS, merges with Goodville Mutual. FIFS becomes the independent agent for the former FMAP clients making FIFS Goodville’s largest agency
  • 1999 – FIFS purchases Clemens Hall Associates in Harleysville, the first agency appointed to write business with Harleysville Insurance Company
  • 2001 – Kyle Zehr and Chad Yoder are promoted to partners of FIFS
  • 2003 – FIFS joins the Keystone Insurers Group (KIG), a franchising of independent agencies
  • 2005 – FIFS moves to its present location at 199 Telford Pike, Telford providinggreater visibility in the community
  • 2008 – FIFS creates FIFS Capital Advisor Group, which is managed by Sid Ruth, to provide our clientele with a fee based solution for their financial planning needs
  • 2008 – FIFS creates FIFS Employer Advantage to provide services that help employers manage risk and improve the company’s overall health
  • 2010 – FIFS creates FIFS Motorsports Insurance and begins to specialize in classic/antique auto and recreational vehicles insurance
  • 2014 – Sid Ruth is promoted to partner at FIFS.  Kyle ZehrChad Yoder, & Sid Ruth purchase the remainder of agency from John Frankenfield and Donald Nice.
  • 2014 – FIFS Motorsports becomes a corporate sponsor for the East Penn Modifiers Club and begins hosting annual car shows at Telford Pike
  • 2016 – John Frankenfield retires from FIFS
  • 2018 – Keystone Insurers Group recognizes FIFS as the PA Partner of the Year
  • 2018 – Keystone Insurers Group is named #3 on the nation’s Top 20 Agency Partnerships by the Insurance Journal
  • 2018 – Utilizing the resources of Keystone, FIFS Aviation Insurance is created to fill a unique niche by providing risk management services to aircraft owners and aviation related businesses.
  • 2019 – FIFS celebrates 25 years as an independent agency

“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.” ~ Author Unknown

As FIFS takes time to reflect on the past and celebrate all of the accomplishments in the last 25 years, there is also excitement for the opportunities that lay ahead.  The potential for agency growth is greater today than ever before.

The dedicated and passionate FIFS staff works hard to ensure that the very best products and services are delivered each and every day.  Continuing efforts are being made to meet the challenges of emerging insurance concerns, to implement new technologies that streamline workflows and improve client access to policy data, to listen to valuable client feedback and above all else, provide an exceptional client experience.

To the loyal clients who have entrusted FIFS over the past 25 years, thank you for your business. We appreciate you!

To the future clients of FIFS, now is the time to consider FIFS for your personal insurance, business insurance, and financial needs. You too can discover how FIFS will help you make Smart Choices for a Secure Future!