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Owning a classic and/or antique vehicle is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. The money, elbow grease, and pride that go into making a car or truck show-worthy are immeasurable. Insuring a vehicle of this caliber should only be trusted to those companies that truly understand the complexities of these unique vehicles, how they are driven, and how to value them. FIFS represents all of the major players in the collector car community and can shop for the best value while making sure that your coverage is consistent with the rest of your account.

Antique / Classic Vehicles FAQs

What is Agreed Value?

It is the amount set by you and an insurance company for older vehicles that would be worth more than the average year, make, and model of its kind. It is used for insuring classic and antique vehicles because their value may be higher because of their unique qualities. The policy is written with an agreed value so that if there is ever damage to the vehicle, there is an agreement between you and the insurance company as to how much would be paid should there be a total loss.

Can I insure my antique or classic vehicle on my personal auto policy?

Technically yes, but the benefits of having a separate classic/antique vehicle far outweigh insuring it on a personal auto policy.

An antique/classic auto insurance company understands that you will not be driving the vehicle as much as vehicles on your primary auto policy. Since the vehicle will not be driven as much, the chance of being in an accident is decreased, so the premium is lower than a personal auto policy because there is less risk. Insurance companies that specialize in classic and antique vehicles are better equipped and more knowledgeable when it comes to adjusting a loss and repairing damage to a classic or antique vehicle.

If a vehicle is totaled in an accident a personal auto policy pays you the actual cash value of the vehicle at that time which means it will be a depreciated amount taking into consideration the age and condition of the vehicle. Custom work, refurbishing, and other unique qualities of a classic or antique vehicle would not be factored in to how much money the insurance company will pay for the damage.

Are there restrictions on who can drive my classic/antique vehicle?

Yes. Drivers must have a clean driving history. We have multiple companies for insuring classic and antique vehicles. They each have their own guidelines for drivers; some restrict anyone under the age of 25.

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