Individual and Family Health Plan

If you are self-employed, in between jobs, or your employer does not provide health care coverage, you need to find your own health plan. FIFS can help you navigate Pennie (the Exchange for PA residents) to find the right coverage for your budget.

Individual and Family Health Plan FAQs

Does my health insurance policy cover me while I’m traveling within the United States?

Generally speaking, your policy will cover an Emergency Room visit if travelling domestically. However, if you are in need of non-emergent care, please call the Customer Service number on the back of your ID Card in order to be directed to an in-network facility.  Always refer to your Summary of Benefits and Coverage for detailed information about your plan benefits.

Does my health policy cover me while traveling internationally?

The coverage is very limited for interntational travel. An emergency doctor visit may be covered however most expenses are not. We offer Individual International Plans that provide better coverage while out of the country.

Can I pay my premiums online?

Yes.  The free IBX Mobile App lets you pay your premium on the go with your Apple or Android smartphone.  Each month, you can view the amount due, enter your bank account or prepaid debit card information and submit your payment.  Just tap Member Services, and select Pay My Bill. 

I did not receive my invoice before my effective date of coverage. What should I do?

Contact IBC Member Services at 1-800-275-2583.  Confirm that they have your correct address.

I paid my invoice but haven’t received my ID card.

Contact IBC Member Services at 1-800-275-2583 to request a replacement or create an account at in order to view and/or print a temporary card.

Is there a problem if my ID card does not have my Primary Care Provider listed on it?

Yes. You need to establish your Primary Care Provider (PCP) with IBC.  It can be done by calling the Member Services Department or going to their website.

To select a PCP by phone: Call Member Services at 1-800-ASK-BLUE or 1-800-275-2583. Have your Member ID and your PCP’s name and address ready when you call.

To select a PCP online: Have the numeric portion of your Member ID ready:

1. Go to

2. Click the Find a Doctor Tool in order to find a participating doctor

3. Choose a health plan, location, and your doctor’s name. Click Search

4. Click on the doctor’s name and copy the Provider ID number.

5. Go back to the PCP Selection tab and enter your information along with the doctor’s information. Paste the Provider ID into the associated field.

6. Click Submit

I received my ID card and my name is misspelled. What should I do?

Contact IBC Member Services at 1.800.275.2583

I contacted IBC Member Services and they can't locate my policy. What should I do?

Contact your FIFS Service Advsior.

What do I do if my address changes?

Contact IBC Member Services at 1.800.275.2583

Contact an Advisor





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