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Motorcyclists are a community in and of themselves, often represented by the “wave” to other riders. It is a culture that prides itself on uniqueness and personalization, evident from the customizations of each owner’s motorcycle. The pride that goes into caring and maintaining a cycle should not be compromised by the insurance coverage. FIFS represents companies that know and understand the motorcycle community and that provide insurance products as specialized as the cycles they insure.

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

I don't drive my motorcycle in the winter months. Can I drop the coverage when I'm not riding the motorcycle?

The insurance company considers where you live when setting the rates. If you live in an area that experiences winter, they understand you won’t be driving as much or at all during the coldest months. The premium is lower than in year-round warm areas. Because of this you do not need to cancel and reinstate a policy during the cold months.

Do you insure custom built motorcycles?

Yes. A custom built motorcycle is unique and we will build a policy as unique as your ride.

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I get great customer service from the FIFS team. They seem to know how to meet my insurance and investment needs and do it with a smile and prompt service.

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