The shelter-at-home orders for our community during the coronavirus pandemic have taxed our residents, businesses, and organizations. During this time, members of the FIFS staff are finding ways to help those in need. Here are a few highlights. 

Kate Christie, a Personal Department Client Service Advisor, has been using her creative skills to make note cards. A friendly note is handwritten and sent to residents of Arbour Square independent living community in Harleysville. As residents return from a hospital stay, they are quarantined for 14 days by themselves. The cards are given to them at this time to show we care.


Business Insurance Advisor, Joanne Allen, has been busy with the Palisades Community Foundation (PCF), where she serves as Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Once a week, PCF is providing free meals to residents. The first time the meals were distributed, they gave 275 meals consisting of boneless chick breast with gravy, mashed potatoes, baby carrots, a fruit cup, green salad, and a chocolate chip bar. All of this was possible due to generous financial donations to the PCF.


 Funds received by PCF are also being given to The Lord’s Pantry in Ottsville to help restock and purchase gift cards for those in need.

PCF continues to accept financial donations so that the meals can continue throughout May. Joanne has been getting the word out about the meals by posting flyers in the community.

 The high demand for masks has made it nearly impossible to purchase them. Many are needed as they are now required to enter public places. FIFS Operations Manager, Karla Myers, has put her sewing machine to work and is making and selling masks. School lunch programs will receive a $3 donation for each. The donations will go to the Bean Bag Food Program (Souderton Area) and RamPacks (Pennridge). Both share a mission to provide meals to children of their respective school districts. Based on the number of masks made, requests received, and generous donations over and above the cost per mask, over $1,000 will be donated to the programs.

 Perkiomen Valley High School prepared an “Adopt a 2020 Senior” for their graduates to allow the community to help celebrate their accomplishments. Jo-Anne Runyan, FIFS Clients Service Advisor, and her husband adopted three seniors.

The parents provided some information about their graduate. Jo-Anne used this information to create customized gift packs for each.

On the day of the delivery, they took a graduation balloon and the gifts to the graduate’s homes. Each received a beach bag, makeup bag, personalized cup, snacks, and candy.

There are also many FIFS clients working hard to bring relief during this time. Thank you for your contributions to strengthening our community. We’re in this together!